The less synthetics in your life, the better!

Unfortunately, synthetic fabrics are widely used by us in our everyday life. Although, scientists have long proven harm of using unnatural fabrics.
In this short article, we will provide some facts that will make you think about your health and the replacement of synthetic fabrics with natural ones.

Let's start with the main and biggest disadvantage of synthetic fabrics: they contain a large amount of chemicals. Toxic elements cannot be removed by washing, they are always present, which means that they penetrate our body every day. Think of people with asthma, allergies, and other skin conditions. It would seem that it is easier - to take and replace all home fabrics and clothes with natural ones - linen, cotton, wool, silk and others.

Another problem is the accumulation of fungi in synthetic fabrics. Did you know that the concentration of fungi and mold in such fabrics is much higher than in natural ones. Such fabrics are especially dangerous in bed linen, mattresses, pillows, blankets. All of these can easily cause itching, redness, and coughing.

One more unpleasant moment is static electricity, which accumulates in synthetic fabrics. This negatively affects the human nervous system. Scientists have long noticed that people who wear synthetic clothing are more likely to suffer from poor sleep, aggression, and irritability.

Let us also remember that synthetic fabrics have very low hygroscopicity. They do not absorb moisture. The human body releases moisture through the skin, which, of course, needs to go somewhere, either evaporate or be absorbed. Moisture is not absorbed into synthetics, skin pores are clogged and air circulation is impaired. Synthetics do not conduct heat, so it is cold in winter and hot in summer.

In conclusion, let us recall that synthetic fabrics are produced in a laboratory and are far from living matter, they are in no way connected with nature, the energy of the earth and the sun.

Think - how much space such fabrics take in your life today!