How to enlarge a room? It would seem to be not the simplest question. But playing with color, texture and lighting, you can significantly increase the lack of space in the room. The most suitable styles are scandinavian style, minimalism and hi-tech. Use them  for decorating a compact apartment.

  1. Light colors increase the space.
    It is a well-known fact that the lighter the shade, the larger the object appears. The same technique works in interior solutions. In order to visually increase the area of ​​the room, it is worth using  light colors: white and cold pastel shades.                                                                                   
    Furniture should also be in a light color, but different in tone from the walls, ceiling and floor. For example, it can be a delicate pastel palette.       
  2. Wallpapers enlarge the room
    Using some finishing tricks, you can expand the boundaries of the room and visually enlarge the room.                                                                             
    Volumetric drawing on one of the walls (photo 1).
    A large drawing shortens the room, visually bringing the wall on which it is located. This type of finish is suitable for long, narrow spaces. The image will shorten the length and expand the space.

    Small patterns.
    A small drawing of a light shade on the contrary visually enlarges the space, making it voluminous.                                                                               
    Horizontal stripes (photo 2).
    Transverse stripes can increase the width and stretch the walls. However, a low ceiling effect may occur. In the case of wallpaper with horizontal stripes on only one wall, the room will appear shorter.                                            
    Vertical stripes (photo 3).
    On the other hand, vertical stripes stretch the space, making it taller. The thickness of the stripes enhances this effect.                                                        

    Horizontal stripes on the floor (photo 4).
    As with wallpaper, horizontal stripes make the room wider but shorter. This finishing method is suitable for disproportionate rooms.

    Longitudinal stripes.
    Vertical stripes deepen the room, making it longer. As with wallpaper, the width of the stripes enhances the effect.

  3. Methods of increasing due to the ceiling
    The simplest and most popular way to enlarge a room with a ceiling is to make a tension structure with a glossy surface. The mirror material doubles the space due to its reflective properties.                                          
  4. Flooring
    The flooring, like other surfaces, should be made mainly in light colors. For the living room, you can use laminate, linoleum or carpet. It is better to choose a single color or with a small discreet pattern.                                         
  5. Increase the height of the room
    There are several ways to make the room higher. One of them is wall decoration. Vertical stripes or wallpaper patterns will "stretch" the wall. It can be wallpaper or painting. Mirrors are a stylish way to significantly increase the area, for example, a tall mirror on the wall or a composition of small mirrors on the ceiling.                                                                                                                       
  6. Visually expand a narrow room
    You can expand a narrow room with fairly simple means, without resorting to construction work.

    Elements that direct the eye "across" the space will help to visually expand a narrow room. Flooring that has stripes, such as laminate or patterned linoleum, is best directed along a short wall or at an angle. Another option is to use a solid color coating.

    The color of the walls will also help expand a narrow room. Try painting short walls in bright, rich colors, and long ones in neutral colors, or use wallpaper with a subtle pattern on them. This technique will help to "squeeze" the room in the desired direction, it will become more "square".

    Ceiling beams should be parallel to the short sides of the room, then they will also help to perceive it differently, visually expand the narrow room. They can be purely decorative. This decision is very appropriate in the Mediterranean style of housing design that is popular today.                        
  7. Make the room bigger with mirrors and glass
    Reflective surfaces are the most common and effective way to expand the boundaries of space. With the help of mirrors, even the smallest room will appear spacious.                                                                                                    
    A high mirror, starting from the floor itself, will add volume to the room, forming a passage to another room without any obstacles. It should be borne in mind that covering more than one wall with mirrors is not the best option; instead of a stylish living room or bedroom, you will get a real ballet studio, devoid of comfort and home atmosphere.

    Another common way to increase space is a stretch ceiling with a glossy surface.

    If it is necessary to separate rooms, a glass wall will perform the function of a wall. It will not create the impression of a closed space, but will divide the room into zones.

  8. Compact furniture and decor
    When choosing furniture for a small room, you should give your preference to low items. For example, instead of high bar stools, put a stool or ottoman, a bed without a high headboard or a sofa with a low back.

    Weightless transparent furniture performs its direct functions, while not overloading the space, it can be plastic chairs and a table with a glass surface.

    Furniture items should be placed along the walls so that the central part of the room remains free.

    There should not be many decorative elements, otherwise you can get a feeling of clutter.                                                                                                      
  9. Curtains
    Window decoration plays an important role in apartment design. The selected curtain material will fill the room with space or, on the contrary, overload it.

    White tulle from ceiling to floor will visually enlarge the windows, accordingly fill the room with light and stretch the space;

    Light textile curtains with small patterns are suitable for decorating living room  windows;

    The ideal option for the kitchen or bedroom will be roller blinds or roman blinds, which save space;                                                                                              
  10. Choosing the right lighting
    In a small apartment, it is worth using diffused light. Bright chandeliers with transparent shades or open light are not suitable for a small room.

    It is more appropriate to use lamps and chandeliers with frosted glass shades or a light shade.