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This beautiful designer lamp in a shape of 2 birds sitting on a tree in minimalistic nordic style will be a stylish decoration of  your interior or an original gift.
Night Lamp Birds

Night Lamp Birds

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In Chinese culture, magpies are birds that symbolize good luck and happiness. The Maglamp combines minimalist elements such as magpie figurines, eggs, and tree branches to create a high-design, illuminated, and interactive sculpture that is both functional and brings peace and prosperity to your home.

The sleek wooden "tree" serves as a charger for the illuminated birds and eggs, thanks to the integrated magnetic charging system in the branches and the base. By placing the eggs or birds on these magnetic surfaces, you can store them, display them, and charge the tiny LEDs inside. The birds and eggs are equipped with sensors, so they light up as you approach and turn off when you leave, saving effort and energy while creating a cheerful and well-lit atmosphere in every room.

You can even pick up and move the birds and eggs, using them as whimsical torches to light your way through the house or provide candlelight for reading. Then, you can easily return them to their perch when they need to recharge.

Where is the on/off switch?

The switch is on the bottom of the bird on the branch and automatic mode will be on at night with motion sensor.

Some of the birds and eggs look red. Do they change color and or do they just stay red?

Just when they are charging. The red light will turn off once fully charged.

Can I leave the the birds on until I turn them off or motion controlled only?

Yes, they are automatic on with motion sensors and light sensors.

Product Parameters:
Rated Voltage: 5V  1A
Sensing Distance: 4 Meters
Sensing Angle: 110
Shine Delay Time: 20 Secons
Size: 300x180x180mm
Wattage: 0.5W
Battery capacity: 50mAh
Light Color: 3200K Warm Yellow
Material: Natural wood+ABS+Silicone
Power Supply: Rechargable Battery
Package contains 2 birds and 1 egg.
Product Features:
1. 100% Eye protection
2. Three dimming level
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Customer Reviews

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Léa Fernandez

It is so lovely, happy to get it!

Lou Le gall

Satisfied with the quality and delivery. Thanks!