stone plate
black lava plate
black stone plate
Stone plate
Stone plate
Stone plate

Stone plate

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Stone Plate is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Hot Stone Cooking.

Hot stone cooking products are used in top restaurants all over the world, to give diners a sensational meal experience.

With this plate you can have the perfect dining experience at home!

The dry heat of the lava stone sears in the natural moisture and flavours of your chosen cut, meaning that no oils or fats are required.

A fresh and healthy way of cooking your food, that ensures every bite is cooked the way you like. 

This plate is designed to be a central feature for your dining table, allowing you to present and cook a selection of meat, fish and vegetables.

Wash it as normal dishes.

Available in diffirent sizes:

Small - 10 cm.

Medium - 15 cm.

Large - 20 cm.

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Customer Reviews

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Patience Blanda

Stone plate

Tamia Glover

Stone plate

Elliott Weber

Elegant, crumble a little bit on the edges

Antwan Hagenes

very nice, the perfect size.

Haskell Adams

Stone plate