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Illuminating the Interior: The Vital Role of Light in Interior Design and How to Choose the Right Color and Fabric of Curtains.

According to statistics, a person, being in a room, most often looks at a light source - a lamp or a window. Therefore, the appearance of these light sources is a critical aspect of interior design. The right lighting can transform a dull and uninspiring room into a vibrant and welcoming space. Proper lighting can also enhance the mood, create ambiance, and make a small room appear more spacious. Choosing the right color and fabric of curtains can play a vital role in controlling the amount of natural light entering a room and the overall feel of the space. Natural Light and Curtains One of the most important aspects of interior design is how to control natural light. Natural light...

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The less synthetics in your life, the better!

Unfortunately, synthetic fabrics are widely used by us in our everyday life. Although, scientists have long proven harm of using unnatural fabrics.In this short article, we will provide some facts that will make you think about your health and the replacement of synthetic fabrics with natural ones.Let's start with the main and biggest disadvantage of synthetic fabrics: they contain a large amount of chemicals. Toxic elements cannot be removed by washing, they are always present, which means that they penetrate our body every day. Think of people with asthma, allergies, and other skin conditions. It would seem that it is easier - to take and replace all home fabrics and clothes with natural ones - linen, cotton, wool, silk and...

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How to enlarge a room? It would seem to be not the simplest question. But playing with color, texture and lighting, you can significantly increase the lack of space in the room. The most suitable styles are scandinavian style, minimalism and hi-tech. Use them  for decorating a compact apartment. Light colors increase the space. It is a well-known fact that the lighter the shade, the larger the object appears. The same technique works in interior solutions. In order to visually increase the area of ​​the room, it is worth using  light colors: white and cold pastel shades.                                                 ...

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